Eugene Havens

I’m Eugene Havens. I wrote Marble on a Table: A Novel. It’s a story of two outsiders who seek redemption in captivating, risk-filled New York City. Rasmus and Alli try to save each other while losing their own way. Is love the problem or the answer?

Published in 2020, the novel is available in hardcover, paperback, eBook and audiobook formats. Check out The Writing Thing Press blog for reviews and articles.


The hardcover and paperback are sold at Amazon, B&N Online, Powell’s Online and other retailers.


The eBook version is available at Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play, B&N and others.


The audiobook is available at Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play, Scribd, Amazon and Audible.

A little bit about me

They say the fish out of water is the fish that realizes what water is. I guess they mean, living outside of your element can build a healthy sense of perspective.

All writers play the role of outsider, and I’m no different. I spent twenty years in American’s leading cities: New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Now I live in a small town in southern Oregon. In both settings, I’ve observed how culture works.

My debut novel is about an outsider’s journey in an insider town, New York City.

For those who like to know a writer’s background, I earned an MFA in fiction writing from The New School in New York, and a BA in journalism from University of Oregon.

— Eugene Havens

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